Video Marketing: talk about famous video ads that did well

Reviewing famous video marketing campaigns We deep-dive into why these campaigns resonated so well with the masses.  Today, we are looking at 3 creative ad campaigns – both local and global – to provide you with inspiration for your next big idea with your new branding ad campaign! Burger king – Mouldy Whopper Burger King […]

Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends: Personalisation We dive in on some statistics explaining why this has become a trend in the industry.  Marketing Trend we are talking about Welcome to our Digital Marketing Trends series, where we share with you the latest industry practices to keep you up-to-date and abreast on what you can consider doing for […]

Review of positive/negative marketing campaigns

Campaign Review: Circles Life 3DollarBaller We delve into the good and the bad of Circles Life’s 2018 guerrilla campaign, 3DollarBaller. Campaign we are reviewing: Circles life – 3DollarBaller Remember this crazy stunt back in 2018 where hundreds of Singaporeans turned up in front of a vending machine in Raffles Place hoping to get free money […]