Digital Marketing: Importance of B2C Marketing

Today, we delve into the features of B2C marketing: why it is important and how can we learn from the given example.

A business-to-consumer (B2C) model is one which a company sells a product or service directly to a consumer. It usually involves a higher volume of customers, but a lower revenue per client with shorter sales cycles.

Features of B2C Marketing

B2C marketing can be distinguished by a list of features:

  • Short sales cycles: B2C customers typically buy products that their friends have advised so the whole process is less intimidating for companies.
  • Working with the end-user: B2C companies usually deal directly with customers of their products. This makes it easier to please an individual, find the right words, and use special techniques.
  • Importance of social media: Working with customers is impossible without investing in social media marketing. When deciding on a product, people desperately seek consumer feedback. To make the best decision, they investigate every possible avenue.

Why B2C Marketing Is Important

B2C marketing is critical for companies that sell products or services to consumers, as it helps them understand what type of product your company is selling and what sort of benefits they can expect. B2C marketing helps to improve customer interactions and relationships – building brand love and trust in the process. 

The B2C marketing process also improves SEO as it helps to attract new and potential customers to the business.

Case Study

Our client, Orange Clove is an example of a company that benefitted from B2C Marketing. Orange Clove is a catering company that serves international cuisines with an Asian focus for all types of events. We were engaged by Orange Clove to create social media content to boost their brand – with their unique selling point (USP) being that they have an exclusive and extensive menu boasting a host of products – ranging from buffet package to tea reception, vegetarian options, and more.

We managed their social media channels highlighting their USPs and launched their ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Since May 2021, all of Orange Clove’s social media pages  have witnessed growth in their followers, reach and engagement; while their recent Christmas menu items were consistently sold out.

But businesses must understand that running these campaigns, more often than not, requires time and commitment – while the sales figures may not reflect positively at the start, from our experience, staying on course with your campaign objectives will pay off in the long run. 

Hence, if you would like to stand out and generate customers for your brand, speak to us today!