Post Pandemic Marketing

Getting passengers back on air

In a post-pandemic era, business travel will take longer to recover as people will likely take fewer corporate trips; while remote work and other flexible working arrangements are likely to remain.

Instead, the rise in leisure travel will overtake the recovery of business travel.

The pandemic has also resulted in protocols being implemented: standards for safety and hygiene becoming more stringent, and digitalisation continues to change the travel experience – travellers’ vaccine certificates and COVID-19 test results will be stored in mobile apps.

Therefore, Airline companies have come up with marketing campaigns that focus on both travellers’ peace of mind to build a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Here is an example of how Singapore Airlines launched their campaigns in the post-pandemic era:

Singapore Airlines: We Look Forward To Seeing You In The Air Again 

The 30 seconds video starts by a group of travellers at different stages of the trip from their home to the aircraft. They levitate as they make their way to the airport – incorporating the ease of navigating the reimagined and new customer journey. The weight of restrictions lifted from the travellers’ shoulders literally allows them to float through the airport. The video then ends with the travellers comfortably settled in their aircraft seat, where they once again experience Singapore Airlines’ services while looking forward to arriving at their destination.  

The video is designed to assure travellers that they can continue enjoying an “elevated experience’’ with Singapore Airlines despite the changes brought about by the pandemic. It also focuses on the health and safety measures introduced by Singapore Airlines to provide travellers the peace of mind they seek; providing a smooth experience in the new normal.

And most importantly, the video reflects Singapore Airlines’ confidence about the future of air travel. 


If you feel inspired by this video or need help formulating your marketing plan to navigate the post-pandemic landscape, do reach out to us today!