When a user uses Google search, the search engine runs an algorithm to determine which ads it should display. That algorithm runs every single time a user enters a query into Google search.

One of the key advantages of utilizing creative google ads is that it gives a tangible method of prospects to connect with you.

When individuals shop online, they are besieged with video advertisements, remarketing, and all different sorts of product placements.

It’s natural to tap the “x” button when a promotional ad springs up, or quick forwarding a YouTube video to avoid the business. By delivering direct ads to your customers and prospects, you get your message right into their hands, making it more difficult for them to ignore or dismiss you. Google ads has become a valuable platform for businesses because it is much more valuable in driving sales than any other platform.

This applies to all industries regardless of their size. Getting seen by potential customers at a given and exact time when they are looking for information, products, services, deals and location is the intent of Google ads. It is this idealistic appeal google ads bring towards businesses as an added marketing arm to maximize profits.